About me

A job begins
My name is James Kearce and my career began as an after school employee at Stonecrafters LLC, where I installed pool deck, sidewalk, and patio surfacing.
After 13 years, I purchased the deck-covering portion of the business and interned with Taylor Tile adding tile, stone and marble installations to my list of services. At times I managed up to four crews with projects ranging from government contracts and new construction to mosaics and renovations.
I am currently semi-retired but accept three or four "Stone Throne" projects per year. So far, I have completed three projects this year and have one more pending. However, my 2020 calendar is open after March 15th.
These projects are strictly limited to marble and/or stone bathroom builds. Consultations are included and I come equipped with tools and labor. Travel inside the continental U.S. is calculated at 30 cents per mile one-way and daytime parking if applicable.
For more information contact me at thronesofstone@gmail.com.

For more information about the Kearcecrafted brand:
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